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@Miles, it's SMILES all the way to destination CPA!

Get 360 degree support for CPA eligibility,
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Specialized CPA Review

Miles CPA Review is the only specialized CPA Review Course provider which delivers concept specific training to help candidates attain the CPA designation. We have over 13 full time and 30+ part time CPA instructors to help candidates effectively target the CPA exam. With its unique offering of 'SMILES',

Miles ensures that all its students successfully clear their CPA exams; offering unparalleled support until candidates earn their CPA license by fulfilling the 4E requirements [Examination, Education, Experience, Ethics]



Money 'wise' and Cost Effective

Miles CPA Review provides cost effective and comprehensive training at a very competitive price that includes classroom training/online training giving a candidate complete value for money.

The study material is comprehensive, self-developed, crisp, efficient and very effective. Further, the Miles online test bank access is one of the best available resources for practice and mock exams.



A CPA with abundant experience

Miles CPA Review National Instructor, Varun Jain, is a CPA who cleared his CPA Exams in 2007 with scores of Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)-95, Auditing and Attestation (AUD)-95, Regulation (REG)-96, Business environment and concepts (BEC)-93.

Varun has work experience with the Big 4 (Deloitte) and in investment banking (Morgan Stanley).

He has authored the course material and has hands-on experience in coaching candidates for the CPA examinations.



Live classroom training

Miles CPA Review provides 200+ hours of interactive classroom training over 24 Sundays.

Miles CPA Review follows the unique "iCPA" training model - where "i" is Interactivity (National Instructors as well as with Local Instructors are always available), "C" is Concepts (pre-recorded and delivered solely by the National Instructor), "P" is Practice Questions ("live" by the Local Instructors) and "A" is Annotations (pre-recorded by the National Instructor that ensures highlighting of notes and in-depth understanding of concepts)



Effective study format

Miles CPA review course material follows an exam-focused notes format to ensure proper conceptual understanding and includes mnemonic and various memory aids (like the mnemonic "SMILES" here!).

The Miles online testbank access is one of the best available resources for practice questions and mock exams. Students may also directly contact the National instructors or log on to our online forum for any queries or doubts during their revisions or homework assignments.



Career counselling, logistics & placements

Comprehensive support from enrolment to licensure; including eligibility, exam scheduling, visa formalities and travel to the US/Dubai (UAE) – Indian nationals now allowed to write the exams in the click here

Placement assistance is provided to all candidates who successfully clear the exams - generally, with the Big 4 and MNCs

Miles most crucial value additions is its license assistance and guidance. Exams credits for exams taken at international locations lapse if a candidate fails to obtain a license within 3 years click here

Miles’ key USP is its in-house CPAs who are authorized to verify experience to help candidates achieve the CPA license.